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As a society, we were caught unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic. As a city, we should begin implementing strategies to address future crises. We should work with local hospitals and other health care providers to develop a “rapid-response” team that can ensure we have enough ICU beds, protective equipment, and testing to face any new medical challenges.


Collaborating with the city and local banks, I will work to create an "Economic Recovery Fund" to be used to provide emergency short-term loans to local businesses in the event of another medical pandemic, natural disaster or other event that forces the temporary closure of parts of our economy.


Milpitas has a crime rate that is higher than 68% of California's cities and towns of all sizes. This is unacceptable. We should focus our public safety resources on “hot spots” or areas of potential crime or danger. Funding should be directed toward improving response times and increasing patrols in neighborhoods most impacted by gang violence. With the arrival of BART, we should develop a system to monitor and deter criminal activity associated with public transportation. I am opposed to marijuana dispensaries in Milpitas.


The cost of housing is probably one of the most difficult problems we face as a city. I propose a complete reform of Milpitas’ existing policies, a top-to-bottom reevaluation of our tax, fee, zoning, and regulatory structures to determine the best way to build housing in a smart, affordable manner. This means working with developers to find new and different models that will permit younger people, working families, and those right out of school to enter the market, potentially with smaller, starter homes. At the same time, I will advocate for the rights of renters and tenants and oppose Section 8 discrimination.


The city must place a greater emphasis on long-term planning and investment for infrastructure and maintenance. We must have dedicated funding for the upkeep of roads, streets, parks, and sewers. We need to ensure that developers are contributing their fair share to those funds. We need to harness modern technologies to relieve traffic congestion at peak times (including better synchronization of traffic lights) and address neighborhood concerns like illegal parking in residential areas.

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